n00basaurus meaning and definition

n00basaurus meaning

What you get when you try to teach an old reptile a new trick.

n00basaurus meaning

Primative n00b. Before the dawn of time, lived the n00basaurus a carnivor that lived in middle eastern versions of cyberspace.

n00basaurus meaning

absolutely incapable of anything, probably cannot even spell their own name

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n00basaurus rex meaning

(noob-uh-sohr-es reks) a) noun. ella b) noun. one who says / does stupid shit

n00b ass meaning

Pertaining to the area of the n00b your pwning

n00b at life meaning

a fat infant that has no life. it possibly could be dead.

n00battack meaning

A very young n00b... capable of assault.

n00bb00n meaning

The ultimate of all n00b insults, it refers to someone who is such a newbie at life in general that you must insult them twice within one word to get your point across. Side note: it is a palindrome.