n00berty meaning and definition

n00berty meaning

(Pronounced "new-ber-tee") Noun The transition in which a n00blet will become a full-fledged n00b. N00berty is most common in n00blets ages 13-15, though this statistic is not true for everybody; some n00blets may only hit n00berty around the ages of 18 and 19. N00berty is much like puberty, as it will usually last until adulthood. However, unlike puberty, it is most common to happen to males first. Common symptoms caused by n00berty are: 1. Shorter attention span. 2. Increased spelling errors. (more then the common n00b/n00blet) 3. High-pitched voices. 4. Increased use of the number 1 instead of exclamation marks. 5. Excessive use of "OMG", "WTF", and "LOL". (These symptoms usually last until the transition is complete.)

n00berty meaning

noun - The transition in which a "n00b," or a beginner, becomes "l33t" in a certain area or field, espically in internet gaming (e.g. counterstrike).

n00berty meaning

Like puberty, a stage everyone has to go through before they become mature gamers. But without the hair growth.

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n00besque meaning

An adjective used to describe the n00blee-ness of a certain person(s), place(s), thing(s) or action(s).

n00bet meaning

Originating from the typical gamer insult "n00b", n00bet is doubly insulting because the speaker is not only calling the receiver a n00b, but he is also calling him a GIRL n00b.

n00bf4g meaning

an especially dumb person who has no clue whats going on.

n00b f4gg0t meaning

Someone who is not only a noob, a faggot, or even both, but someone who sucks so bad that they need numbers added to described their epic failure of a life.

n00bface meaning

A particularly n00bish n00b. Often makes mistakes, is dumb or does not share the opinions of the person calling them a n00bface.

n00bfag meaning

1. A person who criticizes, whines, or complains about things that are too 1337 for them to appreciate or understand. 2. Just a plain ol' newbie.

n00b file meaning

Someone's first, saved file on a video game. Referred to as a "n00b file" because the gamer was most likely a n00b on their first try. of the game. Also known as "newbie file" Usually this file isn't deleted. Even after the gamer has beaten it.

n00bflex, n00bflexes meaning

In a game when basic instincts and/or panic take over, such as wildly sparying your weapon in a FPS game. Note: the incorrect pronunciation of n00b is used here instead of the more proper "newbie"

N00b flu meaning

When a seemingly normal person develops an obsession with a certain computer game.

n00bG meaning

People who arent OG's are n00bG. This is dedicated to people who just cant be OG.