n00bimagnetism meaning and definition

n00bimagnetism meaning

A condition in which one attracts n00bs. Symptoms include: • Being asked insufferable questions. • Constant following of people who tend to fail.Caution: This condition usually leads to n00baphobia.

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n00bimus prime meaning

Someone who's the BIGGEST n00b on an MMORPG like Sherwood Dungeon, the biggest festering of little, annoying n00bs on the planet.

n00binator meaning

a 1337 person who makes and individiual, who may not be a n00b, look like a n00b. This person is one who is extremely 1337. This term excludes h4x0rs.

N00b in Denial meaning

Someone who sparks random conversation with you declaring their supremacy in gaming skills over you. These accusations are 99% false, as the other 1 percent only occur if A n00b in denial sparks conversation with another n00b. The n00b will continue to spew his illusion of greatness in a strange and foriegn strategy of N00blish designed to confuse the victim and have them unknowningly admit verbal defeat. In many cases though, the n00b will gradually admit that they are inferior to the victim after prolonged argument. This n00b hybrid is much more common to find in person than on forums and low hype MMO's. This hybrid n00b requires face to face confrontation to thrive. The n00b continues to thrive best when able to see their victims faces and expression of disgust with their ignorance.

n00bing meaning

One word- "camping"

n00bing fagg0t meaning

fag0try of n00bs

n00bis meaning

the biggest of the noobs.

n00bish meaning

(adj) Behavior similar to that of a n00b Of or relating to n00bs

n00bishness meaning

Noun form of 'n00bish'.

n00bism meaning

A member of the n00bism religion. A religion where everybody is treated like n00bs, and if anyone acts otherwise, they are shot on the spot....

n00bissaur meaning

The highest level of n00b. Absolutely no social skills, most likely very in to video games, and has intense computer prowess. Most likely seen with a giant backpack.