n00blet meaning and definition

n00blet meaning

Noun: A person of very young age that attempts to play with much better people because it makes them feel "cool" or "l337". Also has VERY high pitched voice and use their microphone to piss other players off in doing so.

n00blet meaning

A younger version of a n00b. Their age range is about 5-10. Their posts usually consist of kiddie shows, and unnessicary swearing at anyone who disagrees.

n00blet meaning

Similar to a n00b but distinguishable by the extremely small penis.

n00blet meaning

One who is: -Horrible at a game, sux. -Whines when he is killed. -Screems "HAXHAXHAX" when he is killed multiple times. -Acts superior to obviously more eliet players. -Acts like he knows everything. -Disses everybody he kills cheeply. and/or -Says and lies about his A/S/L.

n00blet meaning

a lesser, and more annoying version of the n00b

n00blet meaning

A small group of newbies who have begun to follow in the footsteps of the local n00b.

n00blet meaning

A n00b apprentice. Usually leeching n00bnes from another nubcark to get a ban, like maarlo.

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n00blette meaning

A n00blette is a tiny minded n00b. n00blette is always below a n00b.

n00blicous meaning

A person who is very n00b-ish

N00bling meaning

Another word for n00b.

n00blinger meaning

A n00b that lingers around and won't GTFO.

N00blit meaning

Nooblit is both an alternate word for "n00b", and a world for a kiddy-gamer, who also sucks at games and/or has a mic and uses his or her squeaky voice.