n00bshock meaning and definition

n00bshock meaning

When n00bs are offended by older versions of games they have only played the newer versions of.

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n00bshop meaning

A word that became strangely popularized by a guy named ElectroPiZZa in the JJ2 community, "n00bshop" basically means "newbie shop". As of today, it is completely meaningless, though. It is also the name of a satirical website, www.n00bshop.com.

n00bsickle meaning

A n00b so fagtastic to the point where he has frozen himself solid. A fat ass, cold n00b, accidently locked in a grocery store freezer when he mistook a digorno pizza box for the newest War of Worldcraft expansion pack.

n00bsicle meaning

An n00bsicle, Like a n00b, Newb, Newbie is someone who is less skilled than yourself. It can also be used to describe someone who behaved immaturely, either in real life, or on the internet.

n00b siren meaning

To call at someone who you find a n00b. Calling is done by saying the word n00b with a varying pitch. Also see: n00b, noob, pwn, pwnd

n00b site meaning

A website created for the sole purpose of banning users. Created by n00bs who had gotten mad because they were flamed or banned.

n00b slayor meaning

a human being who slays a ridiculous amount of n00bs

n00bsled meaning

A mighty sled comprised of the top-half of a chair, the holy grail of downhill transportation, it will pwn any n00bz in its way. It is forbidden for any pudgeworth to ride this vehicle.

N00bs on toast meaning

a pair of 'noobs' who like to mount their friend 'toast'

n00b soup meaning

To destroy an opponent in such a brutal manner that their mangled body becomes nothing but a pool of blood and whatever is left of their remaining limbs.

n00bspace meaning

A myspace page that is utterly childish and n00bish. Usually occurs when users under 14 begin using myspace. Consists of: surveys in your about me (most)layouts with hearts in it sparkly pictures things falling from the top of your page