n00bsled meaning and definition

n00bsled meaning

A mighty sled comprised of the top-half of a chair, the holy grail of downhill transportation, it will pwn any n00bz in its way. It is forbidden for any pudgeworth to ride this vehicle.

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N00bs on toast meaning

a pair of 'noobs' who like to mount their friend 'toast'

n00b soup meaning

To destroy an opponent in such a brutal manner that their mangled body becomes nothing but a pool of blood and whatever is left of their remaining limbs.

n00bspace meaning

A myspace page that is utterly childish and n00bish. Usually occurs when users under 14 begin using myspace. Consists of: surveys in your about me (most)layouts with hearts in it sparkly pictures things falling from the top of your page

n00bspaz meaning

the spaz-juice that comes from a n00b at random times during a game.

n00bspeak meaning

A really annoying way to spell, usually missing letters to make it "shorter". Pretty much improper typing.

n00bspeek meaning

Dialect used by non - educated young adults on the internet, typically characterised by the use of words such as "teh," "waht" and "liek" and also characterised by an abundance of typos, such as missing the shift key for punctuation.

n00bsplosion meaning

when a n00b is pwned so hard their little n00b brain cant process the ultimate pwnage they blow up on spot

n00bsprayer meaning

A person in a FPS-game which 'sprays' in a wild way with a fast firing gun (machine gun,uzi,chaingun,etc),hoping to hit someone

n00bsquirt meaning

the squirting of a n00b. usually when a n00b has sexual pleasures with another n00b

n00bsssss meaning

Derived from 'newbie' meaning inexperienced, or shit at something.