n00bsplosion meaning and definition

n00bsplosion meaning

when a n00b is pwned so hard their little n00b brain cant process the ultimate pwnage they blow up on spot

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n00bsprayer meaning

A person in a FPS-game which 'sprays' in a wild way with a fast firing gun (machine gun,uzi,chaingun,etc),hoping to hit someone

n00bsquirt meaning

the squirting of a n00b. usually when a n00b has sexual pleasures with another n00b

n00bsssss meaning

Derived from 'newbie' meaning inexperienced, or shit at something.

n00b stamp meaning

When one who is more experienced comes across a complete n00b and completely pwns him/her in everyway.

n00bstar meaning

Noun: The infamous "N00bstar". Derived from the word "Newbie". it was broken down to a shorter, less time consuming word, "Newb". "Newb"'s spelling was then slaughtered by bi-focal bearing computer nerds, changing the spelling from "Newb" to "Noob". Often, people continue to destroy "Newb"'s spelling by replacing the word's "O"'s to zeros, making the spelling, "N00b". A "N00bstar" is a "Newbie" with immense negative intelligence of a given activity, such as video games, programs, etc. For Example:

n00bster meaning

an idiot usually in games

n00bstew meaning

n00bstew (Adj.) is something you make or brew whilst pwning n00bs. It also describes the visual aftermath of a well placed frag grenade or semtex.

n00b store meaning

an awesome store you can access on Pure Pwnages website www.purepwnage.com where you can buy awesome apparel seen on episodes of pure pwnage and so liek unless your a total n00b go to it

n00b t00b meaning

a grenade launche used in call of duty 4 the modern meatbol

n00b t00ber meaning

A newbie playing in computer games who uses large explosive weapons.