n00btizzle meaning and definition

n00btizzle meaning

Another word for n00b, a common term among people in online games.

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n00btop meaning

An extreamly poor laptop used for gaming

n00btr00p3r meaning

1) the most common type of n00b, usually meaningless. 2) A n00b that tries to take over a website. The n00b, from the second he registers at the blog, will spam up every possible topic on the site. When he is banned, he will simply hack the system or make a new account on a different computer.

n00btron meaning

a high level n00b that is so n00bish that it is robotic; an automatic n00b

n00b tube meaning

A weapon in any game that allows for online play. This weapon will allow easy kills for new players or n00bs. The most common n00b tube is the grenade launcher. The grenades launch out of a tube therefore the phrase n00b tube is appropriate.

n00btuber meaning

-noob in Youtube that spams,posting crap comments,being a sarcastic on YouTube when posting comments,no background pictures,no pics,no videos,sometimes their "Last sign-in" is about a months or years

n00bula meaning

The state of being a purely awesome gamer who logs on to find themselves up against no fewer than 20 n00bs at one time. Some might also call this target practice. The n00bula effect can only exist if no other experienced gamers are active at the same time.

n00bular meaning

A word to describe something stupid or n00b-ish. This trem was first used by Genesissonic.

n00bulet meaning

a) An extremely new 'n00b'. Someone who displays very much "n00bism" b) Something that is new, i.e. shoes

n00bulous meaning

adj. something that is cool, fabulous, great, etc. and pertains to n00bs. an awesome new thing or person.

n00buntu meaning

A Linux distribution targeted at n00bs, known in some circles as Ubuntu.