n00bula meaning and definition

n00bula meaning

The state of being a purely awesome gamer who logs on to find themselves up against no fewer than 20 n00bs at one time. Some might also call this target practice. The n00bula effect can only exist if no other experienced gamers are active at the same time.

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n00bular meaning

A word to describe something stupid or n00b-ish. This trem was first used by Genesissonic.

n00bulet meaning

a) An extremely new 'n00b'. Someone who displays very much "n00bism" b) Something that is new, i.e. shoes

n00bulous meaning

adj. something that is cool, fabulous, great, etc. and pertains to n00bs. an awesome new thing or person.

n00buntu meaning

A Linux distribution targeted at n00bs, known in some circles as Ubuntu.

n00b up meaning

v. To save up one's money in a multiplayer computer game (such as World of Warcraft or Defense of the Ancients Allstars) and buy a single item that costs a lot of money, BEFORE spending money earlier on any cheaper items that are needed more urgently earlier on.

n00bville meaning

Someplace where all the n00bs hang out and talk about getting their asses pwn3d in various games.

n00b wagon meaning

Also used in verb form as n00b wagoning or n00b wagoned, When a n00b jumps in a ride, hits the juice, then runs over others, especially those using tactical or non-n00b maneuvers.

n00bware meaning

Software used by newbs!!!

n00bwave meaning

n. A phenomenon characterised by a sudden and immense flood of enthusiasm for a fandom or character that had previously been a fringe interest, beloved only to few. This is generally caused by the original material being adapted or remade for the big screen, usually in a blockbuster format.N00bwave flooding is intensely disliked by previous fans of the fandom, because it disregards the years of loyalty towards it in favour of a superficial, hormonally-charged and often angst-fic-sodden adoration.

n00bxorz meaning

A n00bxorz is someone who totaly forgot the sens of his life on earth ,and spend his whole time like a Nerd or some kinda g33ks (geeks) on chans , or Mmorpg everlasting...Doing mistakes on his expressions or sentences making the other laugh at him. A n00bxor (pl : n00bxors) always think he is in the right path ,but he's still in the wrong way. Anyhow. In all cases of matters. Syn : n00bxorss ,nj00bxaurz , davioxorz.