n33n meaning and definition

n33n meaning

H@xx0r jargon for 9 as in 9mm.

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n33n3r meaning

H@xx0r talk for neener or 9mm.

n33t meaning

It means something is very kewl!

n3at meaning

from the long line of nerd used words that have the number 3 replacing the e

N3b meaning

A N3b is someone who naturally sucks at games and can't become any good at them. They are the opposite of a pro, who instantly pwns at all games and on a similar level of n00bs but they are not to be compared lightly.

N3bo meaning

A rapper from Reading, PA. The self proclaimed bingedrinker of the underground.

N3CR0M4NC3R meaning

A poser within the industrial scene who thinks he can make good OONTZ OONTZ by using pirated VST's and poor production..

N3 East meaning

A group from the third floor of Niagara Hall East side, of Penn State Behrend. They are a group that thinks they run Niagara Hall when in all reality N2west runs everything to do with Niagara.

n3- ers aka nitriders meaning

A biker gang consisting of 3 future chemistry teachers. Created in the summer of '69.

n3g meaning

Derived from army command "Negative". Taken from "neg". You say "neg with a three" when you say the word out loud.

n3gr0 meaning

1337 5p34k or "leet speak" for negro.