n3rv meaning and definition

n3rv meaning

Father of n3rvlet, Boyfriend of Enir.

n3rv meaning

I love n3rv

n3rv meaning

The name of a huge asshat.

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N3S meaning

Hackers Cheaters l33t lame

n3ta meaning

A terrible island off the Scottish coast inhabited by snidge-vocs, curmelsnadgers and the ghost of Rupert Snips. The inhabitants aren't too keen on gentle cakes. The battenburg is most pleasing to their unsophisticated palettes.

n3w8 meaning

somthing a 31337 Hax0rz calls a Noob who won't know what it means therefore stopping the hacker from getting baned from a gaming server also an A013R is a anyone who uses aol (you can also call them noob up front)

n3wb meaning

a more recent variation of n00b

N3XuS meaning

Also known as, t3h pwnage

n43 meaning

Not for me.

n44b meaning

n44b is a different version of n00b It is considered 1337'er to use n44b, as almost everyone, even t3h nub lam0rzz use n00b.

N451 meaning

1337 speak for NAZI

n4b meaning

Another use of the word "Nap" or "N4p" (a noobs bitch, P.s you gotta be pretty bad to get called this)

N4d meaning

Nudes for dick. The act of exchanging a females tit and pussy pic for a males dick pic. Commonly done over snap.