n4d3r meaning and definition

n4d3r meaning

noun: 1: A large mass of fecal matter originating from the lower intestinal tract; also know as a shit adj: Complete failure in life note: Mostly used in New-Jersey as a terrrible insult indicating insigificance in life, not to be confused with MASTERNADER

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N4E meaning

Nerds 4 Ever! It means when you say it to with your friends it means that you will be nerds together forever.

N4G meaning

A site that uploads gaming news. The site is controversial due to the fact that fans get to approve what stories get posted on the front page, and said stories always turn out to be fanboyish.The site has two comment zones for its articles, the "Gamer Zone", where people post calm, rational comments, and fanboyish/flame comments are deleted by the moderators. Then there is the Open Zone, which is overrun with PS3 fanboys who will downvote any comment that isn't pro Sony/PS3, make up names like "Xbot" and "Crapbox", contradict themselves, treat their opinions as fact, and generally reply to any disagreement to their opinion with name-calling and spamming the downvote button.

N4L meaning

N4L is shorthand for the phrase "Nerd (or Nerds) For Life". It is used among nerds as a confident self-reference or as a response to an insult to one's nerdiness.

n4me meaning

thats the definition for someone who eats an icecream while he is playing counter strike wars

n4n meaning

Nudes for Nudes, used as "will do nudes for nudes" (ie Pictures)

N4p meaning

abbreviation for Not For Pay

N4rb meaning

A revision for the word "Noob" but in a more slang "1337 sp33k" sort of way. Typically just a person who sucks at/ ruins games in general.Noob->Nub->N4rb

n4s meaning

N4s is a way to say nfs but using a 4 to be cool like that. N4s stands for Not for sale.

n4sir meaning

An overweight loser who has no friends and is like 50 years old and still live with his mum.. His tits bounce on the floor more then a basketball.. He also whines over computer games, when he is losing.. Also Thinks hes a police officer, But everyone knows hes just a bitch ass security guard at walmart..

N5 meaning

North London post code and home of the worlds greatest football club, The Arsenal.