naadirah meaning and definition

naadirah meaning

a girl with pure goals , she is quite shy with certain people but also can be a girl who os inspirational and cheerful. the name naadirah also means true natural beauty from the inside and outside. anyone with this name is rare and precious and once you lose this person shes gone so she may be what you call a rare diamond that you could lose wuite easliy.

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Naadir Mehta meaning

Some kid who thinks he can hack computers but really cant.

naads meaning

North American Air Defense System! Their acronym spells naads which sounds like "nads". So they had to use the acronym NORAD. Pfffft

naadukusthunaadu meaning

a fake telugu word used by people when they're in shock, they're referring to a shitty person, or when they simply feel mad....

Naae meaning

Naae , A Very Pretty Girls , Also Freaky , If She Tells SomeOne She Loves Them She Means It . & She Loves To Fight .

naael meaning

Dumbass white washed nigga ...tries hard to be funny but a rly good friend

naaf meaning

To carry oneself in an antithetic, scarf-wearing, somewhat disenchanted manner.

NAAFA meaning

An organization of extremely obese and mildly retarded fat people who believe that the world should be fat. They believe in being able to sit on you in airplanes, movie theatres, and think that you should have to pay lots of extra money so they can continue to eat everything they see.

naafay meaning

1. Naafay An incredibly stupid and spoiled individual. Usually thinks they have swag

naafi meaning

Comes from the british Navy, Army, Air Force, Institutes. Their equivalent of an american post-exchange. Also means No Ambition And Fuckall Interest

NAAFP meaning

The National Associating for the Advancement of Fat People, created and popularized by Peter Griffin on the hit television series, Family Guy.