NAAFA meaning and definition

NAAFA meaning

An apparently large (yes, there is a pun intended) group of fat folks who seem to think that there is nothing wrong with allowing your body to become a literal vessel of lard. According to their website, they are completely against weight loss drugs (which is understandable under certain societal circumstances; for instance, the "need to be thin", yet is a complete health hazard to the fat folks that determine that they do not wish to live by the NAAFA creed and decide to lose weight), the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness , that obesity research be limited to studying the health of obese people rather than weight loss , and dieting for weight loss. Check out for the PROOF!

NAAFA meaning

An organization of extremely obese and mildly retarded fat people who believe that the world should be fat. They believe in being able to sit on you in airplanes, movie theatres, and think that you should have to pay lots of extra money so they can continue to eat everything they see.

NAAFA meaning

A naafa is a significantly obese or fat person who is displeasing to the eye. You know, the ones with more rolls on their arms than in a tube of pillsbury biscuits.The term naafa comes from the N.A.A.F.A, the National Association for the Advancement of Fat Americans (yes its real,, a organization who wants to stop discrimination against people who decided to treat their bodies like a human garbage disposal.

NAAFA meaning

An organization of rational adults of all sizes who, quite understandably, believe that fat people deserve the same respect as anyone else. Contrary to what their detractors may claim, they do not advocate gluttony, sloth, any of the five other deadly sins, or sitting on people.

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1. Naafay An incredibly stupid and spoiled individual. Usually thinks they have swag

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Comes from the british Navy, Army, Air Force, Institutes. Their equivalent of an american post-exchange. Also means No Ambition And Fuckall Interest

NAAFP meaning

The National Associating for the Advancement of Fat People, created and popularized by Peter Griffin on the hit television series, Family Guy.

naah meaning

a south-eastern english way of saying no

Naah mate meaning

Lazy Word Of Saying No

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Strong Afrikaans insult word.

naaier meaning

a person who can be seen as a 'fucker' literal translation is 'fucker'

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An adjective, used to describe chronic unpopularity, or failure.

Naail meaning

Naail tends to be an asian because it is a muslim name . the name means the inquirer so this person tends to make good friends with everyone and doesn't like to make a fuss or gossip. they tend to be very nice boys and very good looking and also talented in the arts. but don't be fooled by his charming behaviour , don't get on the wrong side of him because then you've lost the best friend you could ever have ,and made the worst enemy possible. they tend to go for girls that are naturally beautiful and that share a similar sense of humour to themselves , they also tend to go for ginger hair !

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is when you laugh and then stop laughing..only to carry on after a few seconds. Also the feeling of breathlessness you experience because of too much laughing.