naanus meaning and definition

naanus meaning

A friendly fun insult.Cross between a naan and a anus!

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Naanza meaning

A delicacy of pizza toppings on Indian flatbread (naan) baked to order. Can be customized by the type of toppings and is a speciality of Cincinnati, OH, USA.

Naaomi meaning

horny retarded ginger ho who makes sandwiches for a living

Naar meaning

Towards, from Dutch origin

Naara meaning

The most beautiful girl in the world... She's amazingly talented, funny, smart & sometimes can get crazy but she is loved by one special person.

naard meaning

socially inneffectual, under the dillusion that they are intelligent while biligerently arguing the finer points of Walkers Vs. Tayto Cheese&Onion on IRC. Perri clearly pwn.

Naarg meaning

Naarg its either what u say if somethin goes rong or just as a replacement fr ne random word u cnt think of at the time

Naarittu meaning

It's from the Tamil origin: 1.) Cause to be embarrassed 2.) Caused to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. This word is also similar to embarrassment.

naarna meaning

when someone is being silly or an idiot

Naarnnnnggg meaning

Pronounced "Nan-guh", a phrase used by the aliens in the film Alien, Alien 2, Alien 3, etcetera, etcetera... The phrase has its roots in Latin, and can be roughly translated into the English - "My ovaries are too large for this capillary" or words to that effect. It is believed that a human can re-enact the phrase most effectively if they sit square on the "Poo-Sack", see my next entry, and fill their mouth with a Tesco's version of a miniature Mars Bar, Milky Way Bar, and a Bounty Bar, whilst watching an Alien film, allowing the saliva to build up severly before uttering "Nan-guh".

NAARP meaning

National Association for the advancement of Red Haired People Similar to the NAACP but its serves the oppressed red haired people "gingers"