Oaf meaning and definition

Oaf meaning

Large idiotic buffoon. Many of them work within banks where they hold down and violently molest their employees

Oaf meaning

A large, clumsy, slow witted buffoon. One that acts oaffishly.

Oaf meaning

(n.) Unintelligent, tall clumsy person with large hands and feet, and a small penis. Competes in sports while using simplified language such as 'Gareth throw discus'. Oafs have big skulls and limited intelligence. Slow witted and plodding in speech.

Oaf meaning

A clumsy awkward stupid person

Oaf meaning

A large, clumsy, dim-witted individual who tends to break things.

Oaf meaning

Also known as 'Dakota Lupton' or 'Dak' or 'Dackleberry Finch' an Oaf is a thing or someone that only uses 3% of its brain when speaking and problem solving. An Oaf is not necessarily lacking intellect, but is rather quick to act on impulse thus appearing to lack any common sense or logic though this may not be the case in reality. While generally not skilled at many things, Oafs will often excel at playing guitar (especially jamming) and ping pong. Do not loan treasured possessions to an Oaf, they will likely be destroyed. Oafs often spend large amounts of their days doing absolutely nothing.

Oaf meaning

Old has fuck.

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Oaface meaning

Oaface means "Posessing the qualities of a stupid person". The origin is a combination of "Oaf" and the suffix "-ous" (or "ace" as an alternative).

Oafamany meaning

An extraordinary oaf. Incompetent fuck. Ground Zero for chaos. Over-abundant user of many, useless, catch phrases.

oafdorm meaning

The olavian alliance for the fiery destruction of outrageously retarded minis

oafer meaning

one who, despite having everything, insists he has nothing, and then relies upon that insistance to rationalize his general resentment and misanthropy. within oafer circles, this is known as "patriotism". synonymous with oather.

oaffoon meaning

Half oaf, half buffoon. A boorish loudmouth of limited mental capacity who often embarrasses him/herself.

oafish meaning

AWKWARD! AWKWARD! AWKWARD! It means awkward.

oaflp meaning

Old Ass Fucking Little Pennies

oafm meaning

Stands for: On A Fucking Mission Put it in your msn name!

OAFPMGO meaning

On All Fours Puking My Guts Out

oafspring meaning

The offspring of a person who looks like an oaf.