Oak Brook meaning and definition

Oak Brook meaning

One of the nation's richest cities that everybody knows they wish they had the cash to live in, including myself. BMW's and Mercedes are common, but you'll never drive from one side of Oak Brook to the other without seeing at least a couple Ferraris. Gated communities with 24/7 guards line the streets. On the north side is Oak Brook Center, a mall of crazy - almost stupid - expensive stores. Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Hermes. To the south is where the mansions are. Most of the rich elite in Oak Brook are nice, but some are very snobby and don't take kindly to outsiders roaming around their turf. In the center is Oak Brook golf Club and the price for membership is in the 6 figures. There are literally young kids crusing in Ferrari's in this ridiculous town.

Oak Brook meaning

A swanky suburb of Chicago with a mall and no gas stations.

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oak c meaning

A basis of understanment of "ace of the world" perfection claus

oak chest meaning

Is when a female is titty fucked for an extreme period of time, and her chest actually turns into oak wood.

Oak Cliff meaning

Oak Cliff is a place mixed with blacks and mexicans only about 5 white people out of the whole hood. Oak Cliff is also kwown for its violent crimes and a deep unemployment line. People in oak cliff are very easily disturbed so please do not look at anyone wrong. Some people compare oak cliff to south central L.A or Compton but i don't think its that bad.

Oak Cliff Crip meaning

Tha hardest Crip gang down in Oak Cliff, Texas. We bang dat blue and white. We throw up the regular Oak Cliff hand sign, but add some extra C's on that ho. It look a lil bit like the Compton Crip sign. Oak Cliff Crip got beef with OKB, aka Oak Kliff Slobs and erryother MOBK out there, so muthafucc a lollipop MOB. Its ON CUZZ erry gottdamn day, bro!

Oak Cliff Thugs meaning

A gang in the oak cliff section of dallas tx. the abbreviation for the gang is o.c.t which is also abbreviation for the city of oak cliff texas. their enemies are the sureños, the bloods, goonside city and t.m.n (texas made niggas)