Oaker meaning and definition

Oaker meaning

when ones high school, specifically Coventry, can't think of a real mascot, the word Oaker is used. No body that goes to Coventry High School really knows what an Oaker is, but pretend to know. Everyone from outside of Coventry asks "what's an oaker?" but CHS students never give a real answer..So what is an oaker? No one will know

Oaker meaning

1. (Noun) A person very arrogant while playing sports but can not make it in the real world. 2. (Adjective) Of our pertaining to an oaker.

Oaker meaning

The definition of anything and everything negative.

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oakeshott meaning

Verb: To delay an important announcement by verbalising every thought in your head prior to the important bit.Also oakeshotting - the act of rambling on, creating frustration in your audience.Derived from Independent MP Rob Oakeshott's Sep 7, 2010 speech to announce which way he was voting in the Australian Elections of 2010

Oak Express meaning

The only single thing that seems natural when everything else is apparently bogus.

oakey meaning

The second to lowest possible social level for a white person. Second only to trailer trash. People who collects hub caps and hang them on their house or fence, tape their windows instead of replacing them, and have a large collection of random shit scattered in their yards, in a seemingly organized chaos. They are generally a bit more shifty and withdrawn.

oakey cokey meaning

Cocaine - UK rhyming slang derived from well-known powder-monkey Paul Oakenfold and now in common usage... see also bugle,nose candy,peruvian marching powder,granulated money

Oakfield meaning

Small town USA. Farm country full of farmers and cows...lots of cows! A little smelly town due to farm fields , cows, but mostly shit sprayers...yuck... Lots of trees . I'm sure some are Oak!