Old Crow Whiskey meaning and definition

Old Crow Whiskey meaning

A beery, barfy-tasting cheap whiskey. Somehow "descended" from a Civil War era bourbon that was guzzled by cowboys and generals. But the original recipe is long since lost and was probably a damn sight better.

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Old Croydon meaning

The greatest place ever. In Pennsylvania right outside of Philadelphia, Old Croydon AkA OC is a small town. Known for having no sidewalks it is an old style type of place. Best known in OC is the Croydon Knights and Croydon Pizza, among many other highlights. Many sports take place but the main ones are Basketball and Football. Basketball is mainly played at CVS courts and football is played wherever. Many terms have stemmed from Old Croydon like Croydon Bounce and Croydonish.

old cuck meaning

Someone that calls everything new, or at least new to the old cuck, "hipster".

old cunt meaning

A Victorian description for a worn out East End slapper. Normally charged less than a half-penny for their services.

Old cush meaning

A old Cush is when a 80+ woman overlaps her skin on her stomach and concedes a full penetrated penis

Old Dan Tucker meaning

A super hot, smart, funny, overall amazing fox of a man.

old dave meaning

A avid runner who only looks like an old man, has cankles, a hump back, Jells in his soles, and no to little hair.

old dayum meaning

a good looking old person

Old dear meaning

A word referring to your mother

Old Deller meaning

A Dell computer that deserves to be taken behind the woodshed and shot, much like the classic dog Old Yeller.

old desi man meaning

Most annoying type of human being. Mispronounces common English words after decades of living in America. Known for thinking they know everything that has to do with politics due to watching hours of CNN and their ability to quote Noam Chomsky out of context.