Old Dogging meaning and definition

Old Dogging meaning

The illegal practice of secretly watching old people kissing and cuddling.

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Old Dogs meaning

Fucking terrible movie, Robin Williams is satan.

Old doll meaning

Cork slang for girl or girlfriend, depending on the context.

Old dominion meaning

The state name of the worst state (Virginia). Also a brewing company.

Old Dominion University meaning

Old Dominion University is where people with class work their way to becoming top notch at their jobs and in their life. Those who graduate from ODU, and who worked hard during their time there, will become the future leaders of America.

old door meaning

Noun. Singular. A contemporary term that describes someone with advanced journalistic expertise but is out of touch with any classical aspect of literary amusement, namely crossword puzzle solving. It's most appropriately used in reference to an Editor-in-Chief of a graduate school newspaper but could be extended to describe any member of the editorial board thereof.

old dot meaning

mother, female parent. mum.

old dragon meaning

An Australian colloquialism to describe an old person, often an old woman.

old dusty trail meaning

Dirty fucking butt-sex, often not consensual, usually resulting in much more dampness then the name implies. Also, as an adjective, it is the actual asshole-to-colon trail a big cock takes when butt-fucking someone.

Old Dutch meaning

A group sexual move originally developed by three Dutch-Canadian engineers in the 1980's, and named after a brand of potato chips popular in Canada. To preform it, a couple (the original couple was straight, but it is also performed by gay men) proceeds to have anal sex in the reverse cowgirl position, and the third participant (always a female), squirts vaginal fluid onto both of them.The man or woman receiving anal sex then would defaecate on the woman that excreted the fluid, and then all three participants slam their genitals (or breasts for women) onto each other.It remains a popular sexual past-time among Canadian engineering students.

old e meaning

Makes old things seem older or better