Olddigger meaning and definition

Olddigger meaning

The male equivalent of a female "Gold Digger." These greedy young guys don't care what age their woman is...as long as they have an estate.

Olddigger meaning

A male that pursues, engages and dates rich, old ladies in order to enhance his lifesyle. By pretending to be attracted to and interested in them publicly while being paraded around her circle of hags, he benefits from fine-dining, parties, concerts, plays, drives her luxury auto, lives in her big home, plus he gets gifts, toys and pocket money. Opposite of the female Goldigger.

Olddigger meaning

Affectionate term for ANZAC soldiers. The term originated during the Gallipoli Penisula campaign, where digging protective trenches was a comonplace activity. Younger soldiers from other conflicts may be referred to as Diggers, but the Old Digger is reserved for those that served in WW1 or WW2.

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Old Dirt Road meaning

The colon or arsehole.

Old Dirty Mexican meaning

A 30+ dude of questionable Spanish origin, likes to pick up young women and is often seen drunk convincing you to give him things desires. Is an expert swindler and will convince you that the sky is purple.

old disney meaning

disney before shit like hannah montana, the jonas brothers, and high school musical came out. Like everlife, jump 5, no secrets, britney spears, {that's so raven}, aaron carter, and other good singers and shows before the destruction of disney came out.

Old Doe meaning

an older female, past the 'puck bunny' stage, usually around age 30, that attends hockey games for the sole purpose of having relations, stalking, or getting a cheap thrill from one of the players.

Old Dogging meaning

The illegal practice of secretly watching old people kissing and cuddling.