o0o meaning and definition

o0o meaning

used insted of oooh

o0o meaning

Computer shorthand for a dick, signified by two balls and one shaft. Most commonly used by asians.

o0o meaning

Mexican MSN users use "o0o" as kinda giving you the finger

o0o meaning

that gay thing casey puts for a answer for ooooh

o0o meaning

A symbol for a hug, or in this case, three hugs, one slightly larger than the other two.

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o0o0o meaning

A. Solidifies sarcasm B. Expression of shock, surprise, interest, or awe C. Used when there is nothing else to sayNote: Normally used in text communication, but if used verbally the o to 0 indicates a voice inflection.

o0o0o0o0o0o meaning

a sound in which you make whenever somthing gay,sexual, reveling happens for example if your freind bends over with no pants on then its appropriate for it to be sounded

o0oo meaning

Giving someone the finger when you're chatting. The same as oOoo and _-__

o1df meaning

Acronyme for ''Original One Direction Fan''. Used by Directioners - mostly from the UK - who think they knew One Direction before everyone else & think that the other fans are fake ass bitches. Old One Direction Fans and New fans are the same. As long as they love and support the boys, they are true Directioners.

O-1-O meaning

This is the act of blowing your wad between the eyes of a girl during the "money shot". The two "O's" represent the eyes and the "1" represents the sperm trail between them.