o9o meaning and definition

o9o meaning

Another version of lol. What happens when typos love you.

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OA meaning

an abbreviation for over achiever; the person in school or work who pisses everyone off because they always have to do more than what is required, hand in assignments before they are due, they always have to be perfect, and they make everyone else look bad.

oa127 meaning

A small squad of pirates that are always defeated by Peter Pan in a new adaptation of J. Barrie's novel. Based on pirate charter listing as, "O Article 1, Chapter 2, Paragraph 7." Squad led by a pirate named Squibs.

oaaaa meaning

the sound you make before you get down with the sickness

oaaaaa meaning

Once an asshole,always an asshole!

oaas meaning

an acronym for oral after anal sex