o_- meaning and definition

o_- meaning

This face is usually used by those that are bored depicting that one is half asleep with one eye open.

o_- meaning

facial expression used in chatrooms. similar to O_O or O_o is used when the chatter is shocked, surprised, grossed out, confused or just plain creeped. The large 'O' symbolizes a big eye looking right at you, and the little dot '.' represents the eye that is farther away, as if the face were on an angle from you, observing you closely, shocked at what you just said (typed)

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o\ meaning

A salute, usually meaning yes sir.

¦-O meaning

If you are really bored, it's a good place to use this emotion.

_O_ meaning

The official emotocon of spread butt cheeks. Usually followed by <----8

O|¯\_ meaning

ASCII representation of the word orz. It is defined as being either; A Man Banging his head in frustration. or Getting rammed in the ass.

O- meaning

an ounce

{ó} meaning

ASCII rendition off everyone's favorite female sex organ

o_0 meaning

Emoticon for an intimidating, bug-eyed glare; no blinking.

o0 i o i 00 meaning

A.K.A. o0: Pronounced oh 0h. Training to be The First Maxed Granite Maul/Accumulator Pure In Runescape.

o0nX meaning

The most elite, of the elitest...

o0o meaning

used insted of oooh