OAD meaning and definition

OAD meaning

Obsessive Anushka Disorder...When you are Obsessed with Anushka and you can't do anything to stop it!

OAD meaning

One Awesome Dude

OAD meaning

Over and Done

OAD meaning

Stands for "Dilated AssHole" (Orificio Anal Dilatado)

OAD meaning

Off all day. When a member of the service industry has an entire day off; as opposed to off in the morning, off in the evening, or doubling

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oadn meaning

'On A Different Note'

OAE meaning

Acronym for Original Ass Eater, often sung to the tune OPP.

Oaf meaning

Old has fuck.

Oaface meaning

Oaface means "Posessing the qualities of a stupid person". The origin is a combination of "Oaf" and the suffix "-ous" (or "ace" as an alternative).

Oafamany meaning

An extraordinary oaf. Incompetent fuck. Ground Zero for chaos. Over-abundant user of many, useless, catch phrases.