oakdale high school meaning and definition

oakdale high school meaning

Located in Ijamsville, Maryland.where to begin... mostly rich bitches but some fucked up kids. most of them have there noses in the air like there cool shit... news flash your gayyy!we also have our wana bes- the wana be rednecks... the wana be gangstas... and the wana be rich kids. wana be rednecks- dude living in a neighborhood does NOT make you a redneck.. or that you own a horse... if you live in the country with nothing but farm animals and land and another house 15 acres away you redneck alright? wana be gangsters- just because you black and one of the only black kids doesnt make you a thug GROW THE FUCK UP!!! you are a black kid living in a white community get over it! if you deal every drug in the world and live in the actual hood then you a thug wana be rich kids- ... just stop...what else is there... oh yea the fake kids ughhh would it kill you to be you??? come on!Our football team sucks i mean damn could you try for once and dont give me we dont have senors... so the fuck what you still gona be the same when you do have senorsour soccer team thank god we have you or we woudl probably cry... alot. lets face it everyone in this school doesnt wana be there. almost everyone wants to transfer and no one blams you. the teachers need to take a chill pill and the students need to stop being so damn bitchy and grow up.

oakdale high school meaning

Here are the basic groups of people at Oakdale: Soccer Girls: No, you guys arent cocky your just annoying. Yes, we know you guys are like family. Yes, we know you won states last year. WE DONT CARE. Wanna-Be Ghetto Girls/Boys: You dont go hard...you go to oakdale. Nuff said. The people who always "Rap Battle": ... Cheerleaders/Preps: All you guys ever do is complain about how our school has no school spirit. You guys arent even pretty. Stop being so snooty and think you're better than everyone else. Football Players: Probably the most outgoing people you'll meet. Not gonna lie, they are funny but rude. You guys didnt win a game this entire season.... Rednecks: Make out with their boyfriends in the hallways 24/7 and deck out in camo everyday, including your backpacks. come on... Loners: Book Club, and a few certain others who refuse to socialize. Wanna Be Preps: You've stayed in the same groups since you've been 6 and honestly your annoying. But not as annoying as those soccer girls.Everyone complains about being there...and i can see why. Espicially since teachers decide to creep on their students twitters...thank you once again soccer girls!!

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Oakdale, Louisiana meaning

A small town in Louisiana. Oakdale is a very racist and close-minded town. There are a handful of good people in the town. The high school is absolutely horrible, with mediocre teachers and gross cliques. The elementary and middle schools are ok. The town itself is pretty, but there's nothing for teenagers to do but drive around pointlessly and get drunk or do drugs.

oakdale, tennessee meaning

Small town friendly, back road haven, full of loud pick up trucks and old time country folk. Population roughly 200.. We go to church on Sunday work out back off Monday-Friday and raise hell on Friday night all the way til Saturday.

Oak Dated meaning

The kitchen cabinetry typically found in a home built in the 1990's.

oake meaning

Also known as a 'wage-slave'. To 'Oakes' means to be a slave to the grind. A mindless automaton that confuses financial success with financial security; arbitrarily devoting all time and energy pursuing a livelihood completely dependent on the wages earned, with little ability or motivation to perceive choices. Those who experience being Oakes'd generally live a life of quiet desperation, often feeling trapped by the perceived forces beyond their control, but ultimately blind to the futility of the general socially accepted path to stable livelihood through work performed in a wage economy.

oaked meaning

The act of being so swole and jacked that you are more stout and burly than an oak tree.

oaken meaning

Resident of Challenges; See dog food.

Oakenfold meaning

One of the best DJs in the Industry.

oakensto meaning

Background: rose from the northwest area, used by teens and young adults. Def'n: Pretty damn chill.

Oaker meaning

The definition of anything and everything negative.

oakeshott meaning

Verb: To delay an important announcement by verbalising every thought in your head prior to the important bit.Also oakeshotting - the act of rambling on, creating frustration in your audience.Derived from Independent MP Rob Oakeshott's Sep 7, 2010 speech to announce which way he was voting in the Australian Elections of 2010