P228 meaning and definition

P228 meaning

a German-Swiss Pistol Made my Sig-Sauer it Fires a .357 Sig in a 13 Round Clip For Military and Police and a 10 Round Clip for Civilian. The .357 Sig Round is Alot Like the .40 S&W.. But the Police Beg to Differ.. Im Glad. I'd Rather be Shot with the 40 that a Sig. The p228 also has No saftey at all and is a Dual action Pistol.

P228 meaning

a pistol that holds 13 bullets per clip

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P2B meaning

Penis to butt. Aka: Anal sex.

P2C meaning

P2C is a polite and low-key way of asking for "permission to cum" when presented with a situation that will allow you to cum.Replaces oldies such as; "Sploosh" and "Schwing!"

P2C2E meaning

Process To Complicated Too Explain. From Salman Rushdie's Haroun and the Sea of stories.

p2chang meaning

a penis,

p2d meaning

it means "paid to death"