P3H meaning and definition

P3H meaning

Pool 3 Hoodlums... aka P3H

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p3n0r meaning

1337 'elite' speak for penis, usually used as a dumbass response to a question they either don't completely understand, or don't know the answer to. It's used to make the person stop asking questions, by making them walk away from the dumbass.

p3n0rii meaning

the electronic plural for the word "penis"

P3N15 meaning

P3N15 is the letters and numbers(in what some call "Leet speak" or "1337 speak") for penis.

p3n1s meaning

Another way to say "penis"

p3n1x meaning

Male member.

p3n3d meaning

Pwned or pawned. Can be used anywhere!!

p3n4r meaning

the male genitale,or penis.

P3N5 meaning

phosphorus nitride, also a strong willed female with a love for office equipment such as lyreco and papermate pens.

p3ni5 meaning

p3ni5 means penis!it is created by fact that character 'E' looks similar to number 3 when flipped around and character 'S' looks like number 5!if someone wants to write word 'penis' but doesn't want to swear (penis is not a bad word, although some people might think it is) or wants to deliver word differently, he/she will write it as 'p3ni5'!

p3nis meaning

H4x0r term for male genitalia.