P3PP meaning and definition

P3PP meaning

Stands for; Poor 3rd Person, Pleb.Relating to Facebook Status updates that confuse the use of writing in the 3rd person. Incorrectly using I or we, he or her.It's not that difficult you morons.

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p 3 r 5 1 a meaning

The Most Epic Pker/Dmer in a game called Runescape.

P3WN meaning

To slaughter, to pone, in nerd language

p4 meaning

Latest chip from Intel

p41n7 meaning

MS written program "Paint" become "p41n7" when a h4x0r uses it. can be used for hacking purposes

P45 meaning

In the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, the P45 is the form that a person is handed when leaving a job. The P45 details income for social security purposes. (The two countries' respective P45s are actually different; it's just that the UK and Ireland have very similar administrative processes here.) Use of the term "P45" depends on context. See the following examples:

p47hr337 meaning

pathreet - A combination of "phat" and "1337" used to express an action or idea so "phat", or so "1337", that both terms must be used together. Usually placed in a long string of 1337 words, such as "omg", "loller bears" "h4xx0rz" and "roflcopt0r!" The suffix "z0r" is frequently used.

P47R10T meaning

A homosexual dinosaur whom enjoys partaking in an elegant afternon tea with his bum buddies. Also known as the P47R10don for the flaming homosexual homohomo.

p4a meaning

acronym for Project for Awesome.

p4bd meaning

Acronym for Praying For Big Dick

p4ee meaning

3/4 modern english and 1/4 1337speak p is pronounced as a p 4 is pronounced as an a, such as hay, today, etc. ee is pronounced as double ee's, such as "see" Combined, P4EE is pronounced "Pay", which is what you do when you buy a Pentium4 EE.