Pump Steak meaning and definition

Pump Steak meaning

The act of love when done with someone for which you have no desire. Implies that the sex is impersonal, fast and hard.

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pumpster meaning

when a man cums into a womans nostril and she spits it back out her mouth

pumpstick meaning

(noun) def. Another word for a pump style shotgun in American slang.

pumpstreet meaning

A version of DDR (dance dance revolution) that you have to have a ninja degree to play.

Pumpstress meaning

A Pumpstress is usually an overweight, bald African American male that engages in anal intercourse with many gay white men. A Pumpstress will be physically abused by his clients, and he will like it.

pump stump meaning

Created when a woman is on her knees and forearms sticking her ass in the air thus making a 'stump' ready for pumping by her male partner.