p00bz meaning and definition

p00bz meaning

Stands for POwned Other nooBZ.

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p00ed meaning

when you get totally owned like a n33b

p00f meaning

puff, ghey, homo

p00fb0i meaning

Informal use of p00f

P00G meaning

1) A word for the person you are friends with but don't feel like calling them by their name. 2) Commonly meaning how retarded what that person just did was 3) Doesn't always have to be spelled with two zeros.

p00k meaning

What the fishes "say" when "talking" to you.

p00n meaning

an online term for pussy, may be exclusive to The Wolf Web; opposite of p33n

P00N35S meaning

when one sucks ones penis that has pheasis all over it, simerler to ATM.

p00n3d meaning

p00n3d is a variation of owned in leetspeak.

p00nage meaning

A time or state when another player is p00ned and/or gets his ass kicked in an online game. Similar to pwnage and ownage.

p00nd meaning

synonym for P4WND, meaning owned very badly