p00ned meaning and definition

p00ned meaning

to p00n n00bs. beat people of lesser skill

p00ned meaning

Originated in gaming culture as a pronunciation of the word "PWNED" Which originated as a typo of the word "OWNED". This word has now branched out beyond the gaming culture to be used in common life situations. Also known as Pwned, owned, dominated.

p00ned meaning

Origanally started by amazingly "cool" runescape "dudes" who was tired of sayin owned when they killed players in the wild. now used worldwide.Usally followed by an amazing stream of insults.The people who say this word are either 10 or 47.

p00ned meaning

when all the hot girls are taken, and u have to get with the ugly fat ones

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p00nish meaning

Just punish, p00nish. Might be n00b p00nishing

p00npie meaning

(1) To create excessive amounts of spam posts, typically on an internet forum. (2) The act of immature saying, words, or conjunctions of letters to create "spam" Commonly referred to as poon, p00n, or ppie.

p00nt meaning

When you're pwned. When people say the werd "pwned" you have to understand that it's incorrect. It's really the supposed to be p00nt. Tell your mom that you're pwned, and she'll send you to some special class where you explain your addiction with others. Tell your mom you been p00nt, she'll tell you to get over it. SEE THE DIFFERENCE?

p00nt4ng meaning

An ever 1337er way of writing p00ntang.

p00ntang meaning

a woman's vagina, especially someone of asian decent