p0rg meaning and definition

p0rg meaning

another "leet" (1337) way to spell porg, which is "Person Of Restricted Growth."

p0rg meaning

Slang for porn, or pr0n. Usually softcore.

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p0rn meaning

A sekzy way of spelling "porn." Pornography.

P0ser meaning

More extreme than a poser, a p0ser is a white person who acts black, usually indicated by excessive wearing of flat-billed hats, sagging shorts, baggy shirts, and wearing shorts under your pants, then sagging those shorts too. Used commonly when calling someone with the description above a poser on the internet since it is impossible to pronouce "p0ser"

p0tat3rs meaning

An IRC Pedophile which spends most of his days fucking his neighborhood children and scripting in mIRC. He's also a founder of the RefugeIRC IRC Chat Network. He spends the majority of his spare time flooding the IrCQnet IRC Chat Network and abusing the Operators of that network for self amusement. He has a never ending arsenal of dirty and nigger jokes. He's a self admitted racist. DON'T FUCK WITH THIS GUY, HE'LL PWN YOUR ANUS WITH HIS 9-MILE COCK.

p0wersurge meaning

Amazing and great site. Full of fun people. Hacking community.

p0wn meaning

own, dominate