p0wersurge meaning and definition

p0wersurge meaning

Amazing and great site. Full of fun people. Hacking community.

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p0wn meaning

own, dominate

p0wn3d meaning

adj, to have been beaten handily, esp. in a multiplayer online game such as Counter-Strike. 1ee+ speak, to be "owned", defeated, trounced, bitch-slapped.

p0wnage meaning

p0wnage is a gaming term, where geeks and nerds have been owned by another geek or nerd.

p0wnd meaning

an alternate spelling of p0wned see p0wn

p0wned meaning

owned ass kickin killer

p0wnt meaning

Alternate spelling of pwnt.

p0wny meaning

p0wny (Pohnee) - Noun. Refers to one who p0wns, used by internet addicts and gamers.

p0wnz meaning

To own; to rule, to rock, or be generaly superior to.

p0wnzed meaning

Root word of p0wnz: to totally 0wnz another person.

p0wrnage meaning

To be more Cool than Humanly or Physicly possible