play catch meaning and definition

play catch meaning

the correct phrase used to describe when a ball is tossed between two people.

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play catch in the greenhouse meaning

A euphemism for sex, such as waist shake.

playcate meaning

to pacify and appease in bed; to cause to be more favourably inclined through sexual favours.

playcation meaning

A vacation that also is a playdate.

Playception meaning

The play-within-a-play part of Hamlet. Or any other play, for that matter. Can also mean TVception, when you're watching a show/movie in which you spend a small amount of time watching what the character's watching.

playcheck meaning

The paycheck that you receive on the off period of paying rent, so it can be dedicated to fun ether than going towards rent.

play checkers meaning

A slang term for getting it on or having sex

play chess meaning

The term "play chess" is usually a way to get someone up to your apartment, like the class line, "Do you want some coffee" at the end of the date at your apartment building. No one believes you will play chess, but it's such a lame excuse that will work. Clinically proven.

Play Chicken meaning

Playing chicken is when two cars race toward each other; the first to pull to the side is the chicken (coward).

play circus meaning

Playing circus is when a chicken sits on your face and you have to guess how much she weighs.

playcism meaning

A combination of the words "play" and "racism", it is the innocent and comical use of racism that ridicules people of racial minorities whilst avoiding the damaging legal reprocussions. Is is most commonly used between friends.