pump session meaning and definition

pump session meaning

Lifting weights in a vigorous fashion.

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Pump shark meaning

one who goes to the gym to talk rather than work out. A pump shark will continually walk up to people who he/she senses are have a good work out. The shark will then stroll up to that person and talk their ear off until they have effectively taken away the persons pump, hereby killing that persons workout for the day.

pump ship meaning

(verb) to defecate, to crap

pumpshot meaning

a shot gun which is pumped prior to a shot.

Pump Shotty meaning

In Most online FPS's there is generaly a pump action 12 gauge. This gun is usualy slow and inaccurate. In counter strike, this weapon if killed by it is a humiliation.

Pump Shotty Ninja meaning

One who is well skilled in the art of the Pump Shotgun in games such as Counter Strike, and jump around while killing people in the air...much like a ninja. Thus the term, Pump Shotty Ninja.

Pumpsin meaning

Pumpsin pertains to a situation upon whence one is having a bangin' time, either at a social event whilst one is off one's barnet, or in a sexual situation where one maybe pumpsin the fuck out of someone.

pumpsion meaning

A mixture of vitamins which will boost you in a way or another. This word has been evolved in the 20th Century in slashed mode and still have a laugh when I remember it

pumpskin meaning

A person toward whom love is felt. A comforting warmth to the cold world. An extremely passionate and charismatic individual that allows one to be happy with out having to work at it. An individual who allows their inner beauty to inspire others. A single soul that will always be a part of ones heart and a lasting memory in so many peoples lives.

Pump slap meaning

When you slap your meat rod like it's a cheap hooker. Usually done when tender love isn't enough anymore.