pump some iron meaning and definition

pump some iron meaning

To workout your muscles.

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pump some rump meaning

Anal intercourse.

Pump Station meaning

The kill zone on a deer or other game animal, but primarily referring to the heart (since it is a pump.)

Pump Steak meaning

The act of love when done with someone for which you have no desire. Implies that the sex is impersonal, fast and hard.

pumpster meaning

when a man cums into a womans nostril and she spits it back out her mouth

pumpstick meaning

(noun) def. Another word for a pump style shotgun in American slang.

pumpstreet meaning

A version of DDR (dance dance revolution) that you have to have a ninja degree to play.

Pumpstress meaning

A Pumpstress is usually an overweight, bald African American male that engages in anal intercourse with many gay white men. A Pumpstress will be physically abused by his clients, and he will like it.

pump stump meaning

Created when a woman is on her knees and forearms sticking her ass in the air thus making a 'stump' ready for pumping by her male partner.

pumpsy meaning

a dodgey character up to no good, someone who dreams of being a millionaire, a con-man, tells tall tales

pumpt meaning

Like "pumped"; means excited, stoked, psyched, all fired up, etc.