pumpsion meaning and definition

pumpsion meaning

A mixture of vitamins which will boost you in a way or another. This word has been evolved in the 20th Century in slashed mode and still have a laugh when I remember it

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pumpskin meaning

A person toward whom love is felt. A comforting warmth to the cold world. An extremely passionate and charismatic individual that allows one to be happy with out having to work at it. An individual who allows their inner beauty to inspire others. A single soul that will always be a part of ones heart and a lasting memory in so many peoples lives.

Pump slap meaning

When you slap your meat rod like it's a cheap hooker. Usually done when tender love isn't enough anymore.

pump slugs meaning

To shoot (bullets) at or into a person.

Pump Snuggler meaning

Slang for a speedo or other snug fitting bathing suit. Probably a derivative of plum smuggler but with alternative connotations suggestive of snuggling one's pump

pump some iron meaning

To workout your muscles.