Qader meaning and definition

Qader meaning

A good-looking Afghan boy with awesome hair. He doesn't take things too seriously and likes to joke around. He will make everyone around him smile. He is outgoing when he is with his bros, but he is very shy around girls. He may not take the hint at first that a girl likes him, but since he is shy and unsure around girls, it is often that a girl may have to initiate conversation first, in order to get to know him.

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qadir meaning

That one black guy who breaks everyones ankles without even trying.

Qadiym meaning

A guy who is Cute, Crazy, Cool, and Smart. He is an awesome person to hang out with and is really nice sometimes. He is one of a kind and not many can pronounce his name. He has a personality that is only seen when your around him. He just an AWESOME & FUNNY guy who is nice to get to know. He is the guy everyone asks when they don't know the answer.

QA dojo meaning

A Quality Assurance Engineer who is fast and adept at analytic and problematic thinking. The Dojo is dependable by his Manager and is considered a leader to his peers.

qadri meaning

A Qadri, (Quad-ree) is the act of having intense sexual intercourse or performing sexual acts with three female partners and a male partner.

Qae meaning

A person twice as important or beautiful as bae. Used when arguing who's girlfriend is more pretty or important.