qaf meaning and definition

qaf meaning

Popular gay TV show, "Queer as folk"

qaf meaning

A totally rocking drama about gay life in the Pitts

qaf meaning

stands for Queer as Folk, a tv show originally aired on Showtime, but now equally popular in Canada on Showcase. Showcase recently stopped airing it though, replacing it with the series "Dead Like Me."

qaf meaning

Acronym for "quick as fuck"

qaf meaning

Acronym, Qatar Armed Forces. The Army of the state of Qatar. Some 8,500 strong.

qaf meaning

Idiot, moron. Etymology: Origin is from colloquial use of fag as a derogatory term (not necessarily meaning homosexual). Over time and with online usage, this became gaf and then qaf.

qaf meaning

Queer as fuck.

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QAFFING meaning

pronounced (calf-ing), and, when used as a verb, spelled "qaff" this is the word used to express that one is participating in, will be participating in, or has done so in the near past, watching one of the most sexually erotic shows, Queer As Folk. Do not worry! When "qaffing", it is completely normal to QUAF while doing so, and, it is also completely normal to be arroused to an extent not yet known to mankind--it has been accomplished before.

qaffy meaning

Referring to a fan of Showtime's 'Queer as Folk.'

qafgasm meaning

In the online Queer As Folk (QAF) Fandom, having a cyber-orgasm while reading QAF fanfic or viewing QAF fanart or fanvids.

Qag meaning


qagen meaning

a recent technological development in the field of psychology. This tool measures the relevance of certain case studies by using a correlation coefficient.