Qamar meaning and definition

Qamar meaning

Arabic definition: The moon. Also, Beautiful, sweet, an amazing friend, and extremely funny ;)

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Qamari meaning

1)super chill at times; however, can be a total hater 2)extremely superficial, a label whore

QAMF meaning

Acronym for "Queer Ass Mother F***er." Person who is extremely annoying and use to go out with a person in the XEsay team. Also known as a military ass.

Qammerism meaning

Said Q A merrism (like communism).A state where everyone is a cunt, but some cunts are bigger cunts than others.

qamt meaning

When you're so fucking annoyed with your boyfriend

Qamus meaning

An ancient Latin phrase which means 'He who is amazing at Latin.' Only the most remarkable people get this title.