R2R meaning and definition

R2R meaning

Acronym that stands for "ready to rage."

R2R meaning

Ready to rage.It signifies a desire to enter into a subliminal unconsciousness, severing out all reality that transcends mere mortal thoughts and wishes. It is in essence, a preliminary rejection of the status quo, and a departure from traditional standards of behavior that have shaped the history of Western Civilization. i.e., consuming copious amount of alcohol with little to no regard of the consequences contained therein.

R2R meaning

'Redy 2 rek' or in standard English - 'Ready to wreck'. One might use this in a situation where they are prepared to completely wreck someone's face in a video game. Born in the realms of MCSG.

R2R meaning

Refuse to read.

R2R meaning

A reel-to-reel tape recorder.

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r2r0 meaning

probably the biggest mexican-american to ever walk this planet. a bad-ass mofo, has a total disregard to the standards of others, resulting in a personal code thats bad-ass. additionaly, he disregards power in numbers and will often will mock and defile lesser opponets who are caught defiling his personal code (a trash-talker, women-beater, bush supporter, bible beater, terrorist, playas, etc.) can often quite be outspoken as what he says is direct, wise, and simple. he is one who doesn't need to pretend to be badass because he just is. compare to the most bad-ass of all time: mr. carlos ray norris, aka "chuck" norris. listens to johnny cash but also willing to admit that he listens to enrique iglesias or justin timberlake. if you don't like that, then fuck off! also considered a person who doesn't take shit from anyone, and says fuck, shit, or damn in 75% of his sentences, one who always wears his bad-ass hat pointed to the side.

r2tg meaning

raver to the grave - a clubbing term describing a raver's lifelong dedication to the messy things in life..

r2w meaning

A common saying from the DrinkUr League of Legends team after winning a game or preforming a great move on your team.

R2Z2 meaning

A gay sex droid.

r²π meaning

There aren't any definitions for r²p yet. Can you define it?