R2Z2 meaning and definition

R2Z2 meaning

A gay sex droid.

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r²π meaning

There aren't any definitions for r²p yet. Can you define it?

R3 meaning

Rant/Rave/Random - used on Tweeter, Facebook/Google Statuses, Google Buzz, blogs, etc.It combines all things that are good, bad, or misc. that goes on in someone's life.Can be used to reference a point of time that sums up their thought at that time: R3 of the Day, R3 of the Month, R3 of the Moment, etc.

r31 meaning

Car manufactured by Nissan in the late 80's. Makes a great sleeper.

r31 skyline meaning

Proud to hold the RB30e, the R31 skyline has been known to be one of the most well-liked skylines. Holden has taken this great car and trashed it by putting the nissan parts into the VL.

R32 meaning

Version of Volkswagen Golf, limited edition, only 5000 made. Sport tuned engine and suspension, other stuff like that. Came out at the end of the last body style for the Golf. Cool blue gauges and what nots.