r meaning and definition

r meaning

The lazy person's version of many, many words, such as: 1. Yes 2. No 3. Correct 4. Hello 5. Goodbye 6. Fine thanks The word, or letter, may prefix certain textual emoticons, which enhance its meaning. It is however important to remember that the usage is context sensitive, so make sure you think before you speak. - Mostly used among members of Demon Internet's noc.

r meaning

The spoken sound to acknowledge failure or a Let Down decision. It is emitted from one's mouth either voluntarily or involuntarily upon receipt of bad news.

r meaning

The non existant letter in any bostonian's vocabulary.

r meaning

a lazy form of typing the word are.

r meaning

The R programming language used in statistics and other things

r meaning

(v) To be left on read

r meaning

Abbreviation for "retarded." Offensive.

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R000z meaning

A name given to people who are standing on top amongst others.It comes from Holland, originated from the name Rozemarijn, a mixture of the name "Rosemary" and "Maria".

r00b meaning

a n00b whos sooo n00bsh people think hes acually mentally retarded

r00d meaning

Rude -.-

r00g meaning

a word of inherent simplicity and complexity.

r00lz meaning

1337 speak of rulez.