r00b meaning and definition

r00b meaning

a n00b whos sooo n00bsh people think hes acually mentally retarded

r00b meaning

someone who thinks they are un-n00bish but really are.

r00b meaning

A person who is n00bish because in reality they are mentally retarded. They don't act stupid to annoy people, they ARE stupid and probably don't mean to piss people off. In all honesty, it's impossible to tell who's a n00b and who's a r00b unless you know them in real life.

r00b meaning

A person who is both a n00b and a rube. i.e. An unsophicticated country redneck, hick, or yokel who is cosmopolitically, technologically, and socially just beginning to step into the world.

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r00d meaning

Rude -.-

r00g meaning

a word of inherent simplicity and complexity.

r00lz meaning

1337 speak of rulez.

R00M meaning

A Famous online Call of Duty player "R00M", or "AreZeroZeroEm" who rose to fame in early 2012 as the #1 Team Deathmatch player worldwide in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. He is heavily respected for being an idol in the community, showcasing good sportsmanship, and a dedication to fans, and players all across the world to make the community a better place. Young R00M is only 16 years old as of October 2012, and is widely considered one of the Call of Duty franchises most influential, and beloved players in recent history.

r00nscape meaning

A.K.A RuneScape an ownage game made by jagex but now that pk is ded no1 will ever play. GF jagex