r00t meaning and definition

r00t meaning

An administrator of a UNIX or Linux box. Someone you don't want to tamper with.

r00t meaning

v. To hack/penetrate/admin a machine - most commonly a datacenter system. Commonly used as an xDCC or FTP server because of its fast connection.

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r00x0rz meaning

hacker speak for rockers, that rockers

r0ar meaning

Monica's cool way of saying roar. roar is a grunt that bears make when they feel strong or intimidated

r0ck5 meaning

"Translated" l33t sp33k for "Rocks".

r0fl meaning

n00b language, n00b being my term for a "1337 sp34kR"

r0flma0mg meaning

biggest power abuser in history. also dutch. see faggot and dickhead