r0fl meaning and definition

r0fl meaning

n00b language, n00b being my term for a "1337 sp34kR"

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r0flma0mg meaning

biggest power abuser in history. also dutch. see faggot and dickhead

r0g meaning

133t for "Roger that"

r0lb meaning

Alteration of r0lf = alteration of rofl. Flows smoother than rofl.

R0m3 meaning

The pinnacle.

r0mp meaning

To have sex, to get Rizz0mped, do yo thang G

r0ss meaning

r0ss was Englands worst phisher and got arrested for trying to learn phishing through google

R0sx meaning

Its a Random Name. R0sx is a guy on SwiftIRC he also called Strijder And Porn :D

R0TFL0L meaning

Rolling On The Floor Laoughing Out Loud

r0ulette meaning

An alias for Chatroulette that gets around people making shitty PHP code. :)

r0x meaning

1. Something good. (From rocks) 2. The things inside lame ppls heads.