r0x0r meaning and definition

r0x0r meaning

It's basically the word "rock", but in leet speak.

r0x0r meaning

Rocks (as in, 'this rocks!'), spelled in 'l33t' speak.

r0x0r meaning

Rocks. Implies that the subject is worthy of its existence. Also see roxor, l33t, h4x0r, qoolz, yuo.

r0x0r meaning

Something that rocks, or is cool. (a.k.a. - r0x0rz)

r0x0r meaning

A type of l33t speak to to show how much something rocks.

r0x0r meaning

Rocks, very good. Used in place of "that guy rocks", say "omg he r0x0r!!1" - mainly used in gaming discussion

r0x0r meaning

Internet colloquialism for 'rocks'; to be really good.

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r0x0r b0x0rz meaning

To rock the boxers or ones underwear. When something is really awesome.

r0x0rful meaning

(A) Having an overabundance of r0x0r.

r0x0rian meaning

A person (usually a 1337 hax0r) who has done something noteworthy - Be it killing a bunch of n00bs on CounterStrike, writing a virus, or simpy something as mundane as buying a MMORPG.

r0x0r like a f0x0r in a b0x0r meaning

far, far better than simply to r0x0r. to rock like a fox in a box. because if you put a f0x0r in a b0x0r, that b0x0r would certainly be r0x0ring off the charts. really grood.

r0x0r my b0x0rz meaning

To rock ones boxers in a 1337 fashion.