r0x0rz jur b0x0rz meaning and definition

r0x0rz jur b0x0rz meaning

1. Another one of the endless terms we use in gaming. 2. Something Adam would say.

r0x0rz jur b0x0rz meaning

A l33t sp34k (leet speak or elite speak) phrase, meaning: "rock your boxors" Usually said by haxors or 1337 computer gamers after handing out some pwnage. (ownage)

r0x0rz jur b0x0rz meaning

something seth would say

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r0x0rz my b0x0rz meaning

733t-speak meaning "Rocks my boxers!" but sounds much cooler. Also: "r0x0r j00r b0x0rz" referring to the "rocking" of an individual's "boxers". Note: b0x0r can also refer to a computer, a "box"

r0x0rz my s0x0rz meaning

lit. "rocks my socks" from l33t. also r0x0rz my 50x0z

r0x t3h d1c3 meaning

smthn wif total 0wn4g3

r0xx0r meaning

Defining something else as really cool and/or awesome.

r0XX0rz meaning

t3h l337 sating of rocks