r2w meaning and definition

r2w meaning

A common saying from the DrinkUr League of Legends team after winning a game or preforming a great move on your team.

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R2Z2 meaning

A gay sex droid.

r²π meaning

There aren't any definitions for r²p yet. Can you define it?

R3 meaning

Rant/Rave/Random - used on Tweeter, Facebook/Google Statuses, Google Buzz, blogs, etc.It combines all things that are good, bad, or misc. that goes on in someone's life.Can be used to reference a point of time that sums up their thought at that time: R3 of the Day, R3 of the Month, R3 of the Moment, etc.

r31 meaning

Car manufactured by Nissan in the late 80's. Makes a great sleeper.

r31 skyline meaning

Proud to hold the RB30e, the R31 skyline has been known to be one of the most well-liked skylines. Holden has taken this great car and trashed it by putting the nissan parts into the VL.